Lady of the Dynasty (2015) 720p 500MB Subtitle Indonesia

Lady of the Dynasty (2015)Lady of the Dynasty (2015) 720p 500MB Subtitle Indonesia

Source: 王朝的女人·杨贵妃.Lady.of.the.Dynasty.2015.TS720P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.Mp4Ba
Wang chao de nv ren: Yang Gui Fei (2015)
Release Date: 30 July 2015 (China)
Genre: History
Stars: Bingbing Fan, Joan Chen, Zhang Wen
Quality: TS
Encoder: indomoviemania
The tragic story of a Tang Dynasty imperial consort who was the favorite of the Emperor Xuanzong.
(Google Translate) Girls Yang Yuhuan (Wallace) in their national mourning lead dancer, Pina, if fleeting, emperor (dawn decoration) feel attracted to. Chong Fei Wu Huifei worry potential threats, lied Shou Yang Yuhuan is her son (Wu Zun ornaments) Selected princess.
Shou Yang Yuhuan became the wife of the emperor’s daughter. The only emotional and artistic woman no interest in politics, however, only around her politics. Wu Huifei framed Prince rebellion, resulting in three princes are cast into three sculptures. Soon, Wu Huifei his plot, Suicide death. Shou Fu Huang can not face the love of Yang Yuhuan, Yuhuan poison cause miscarriage. Xinrusihui Yang Yuhuan is fed Taoism.
Yang Yuhuan emperor was rejected, angry, it announced strong marry Yang Yuhuan. However, the wedding night, the Tang emperor and Yang Yuhuan not reluctantly. The two feelings of pressure in the political struggle and the court everyday life closer and closer, finally fell in love with the emperor Yang Yuhuan.
“Shih Rebellion” broke out. This insurgency Yang’s two husbands – Shou and reconciliation emperor and his son, Shou tragic death on the battlefield; and the political mood has become the core of the empire Yang Yuhuan highest political struggle ……


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Lady of the Dynasty (2015) 480p TS indomoviemani


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Lady of the Dynasty (2015) 720p 500MB Subtitle Indonesia

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